November/ December 2017 – Prayer Letter

Carta de Oracion – Noviembre y Diciembre 2017 Pdf 

November – December 2017 Prayer Letter  Pdf

Dear Brethren,

Greetings  and peace in the name of our eternal God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As always, we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for taking us on this glorious journey, a journey of endless joy, speaking to our hearts, answering the call that he has given us and accepted the mission that is ahead of us to do His work according to His ways and will.

We trust you had a wonderful and blessed Christmas remembering and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we pray that you will have a blessed, joyful and prosperous New Year in the Lord; and as we delight in the LORD , He will give us the desires of our hearts; and as we commit our way  to the LORD: trust in Him, He shall bring to pass (Psalm 37: 4-5).

As we press on this glorious journey, the months of November and December also have been a blessing and productive, not as hectic as the previous two months. Praise the Lord!

On November 1st ,we headed to Falls Church, VA for a formal meeting at Crossroads Baptist Church, Pastor Kenny Baldwin. After the service, the church voted and took us on for support. What a blessing! Then we headed south to Georgia on November 4th through the 13th for a mission conference and meetings. We were not there for the whole conference because we had other meetings to go to. On November 5th, the conference started at Pine Grove Baptist Church in Stockbridge, GA, Pastor Greg Howell where we were also staying in the prophet chamber, what a comfort to know that the Lord ALWAYS takes care of His children, it was truly a blessing! On November 12th, we went back in the evening for the final day of the conference and what an encouragement to know that the church exceeded their Faith Promise.

On November 8th, we had a meeting at Way of the Cross Baptist Church in McDonough, GA, Pastor Steven Bell, it went very well. On November 12 in the morning, since it was on our schedule, we visited Westside Baptist Church in Jackson, GA, Pastor Nathan Dorsey and after the service we spoke about participating in their mission conference next year in October 28th through the 31st, 2018, Lord willing! In the early evening we went to Liberty Baptist Church in Stockbridge, GA, Pastor Matt Grimes and after the service, we also spoke about participating in their mission conference in late September of next year, the dates are to be determined.

Then we had to back to Virginia for a meetings and visiting churches. On November 15, we visited Maranatha Baptist Church in Yorktown, VA, Pastor Dale Coffey; it was a blessing and an encouragement that we are going to participate in their mission conference next February 2018 from the 14th through the 18th. On November 19, we had a formal meeting at Harbor Baptist Church in Hampton, VA, Pastor C. J. Prather, I had the privilege to speak and to present our ministry during Sunday School, the morning service and the evening service as well. What a blessing! There is a very good possibility the church will take us on for support in the near future; we pray that it will be the Lord’s will! On the 26th of November, we visited Southside Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA, Pastor Arthur Lands, he invited us back in December on the 17th  for a formal meeting in the evening because in the morning we have a formal meeting at Grace Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA, Pastor Raleigh Nunnally. What a blessing it was as well to stay in their prophet chamber, Pastor Lands was very gracious in allowing us to stay there and whenever we need to when we are in the area. On November 29th, we visited Little Creek Baptist Church in Norfolk, VA, Pastor Wade Smith, he was very gracious in allowing me to speak  and briefly share our ministry, he ask me to call him back next year. On December 3rd in the morning we visited Landmark Baptist Church in Richmond, VA, Pastor Don Sumpter and in the evening we were at Southside Baptist Church, Pastor Lands. On December 6th , we visited Central Baptist Church in Portsmouth, VA, Pastor Ethan White.

On December 10 we visited Broadway Baptist Church in Hopewell, VA, Pastor Davis, we briefly shared our ministry; On December 13th, we were at Bible Baptist Church in Hopewell, VA, Pastor Sinclair Rowe, we had the privilege to present our ministry, sharing our testimonies, our vision and burden for the field of Costa Rica;  On December 17 in the morning we had a formal meeting at Grace Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA, Pastor Raleigh Nunnally where we presented our ministry and I had the privilege to speak in the morning and early afternoon service; in the evening we were at Southside Baptist Church, Pastor  Arthur Lands, where we presented our ministry, shared our calling, our vision and burden for our field and preach as well; after the service, the church voted to take us for support, what a blessing! On December 20th, we visited Grace Baptist Church in Hampton, VA, Pastor Dave Luethy, he was very gracious allowing us to share our ministry; we will be going back sometime next year for a formal meeting, the date is to be determined. On December 27th, we presented our ministry at  Faith Baptist Church in Colonial Heights, VA, Pastor Gene Balance and I had the privilege to preach.

On the 24th and 31st of December we were at our home church; it was a joy to see our brothers and sisters before we leave again for our next journey.

What blessings we have received during these two months. Glory to God, Praise the Lord, Praise His Holy Name!

We continue praising the Lord for His protection (physical and spiritual) and provision (He knows all our needs) as well as the wisdom that He gives us to do His work. We also praise the Lord that He gives us our health so we can serve Him with all our strength, to adore Him in spirit and in truth with all our hearts, and to glorify Him in everything that we do. The Lord is Good!

As we press on, please continue to pray for the following prayer request, my wife’s physical need with her blood circulation as we traveled and a constant cough that attacks her every now and then.  Also a special request, we need to be on the field by January 2019, Lord willing! We pray that the Lord will move the hearts of His people to make this happen. We humbly plead to all the churches we have presented, and not supporting us at the moment, to pray, consider and reconsider in encouraging us with support.

  • Support Levels

        Continue to pray as we are on this deputation journey that the Lord will guide us to the right church and have favor along the way in order to obtain our support as soon as possible according to the Lord’s will.  In our last prayer letter we mentioned that our support dropped to 36%; praise the Lord, now, it’s at 45% and it could be more by the end of this year as we are still waiting on some churches. During these two months, that we are aware of, three churches took us on for support.

Our Lord is a sovereign, omniscient and omnipotent God. Our minds, our hearts and our spirits are in Costa Rica but our bodies are still here.

  • Safety with Travels

Pray that our Lord, God would protect us on the road. We want to give you a brief summary of our schedule of our meetings, conferences and churches that we will be visiting for next year. it will be more detailed when we send out the prayer letters.

In January, we will be in Georgia; February in Georgia and Virginia; March in Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina; April in South Carolina; May in North Carolina; June in North Carolina and Georgia; July in Florida and Georgia; August in Georgia; September in Georgia and South Carolina; October in Georgia; November in Georgia and Virginia; in December it’s open for now.

  • Schedule of Meetings

Pray that our schedule will be full with formal meetings and conferences for next year. The Lord has blessed with meetings and conferences  in VA, NC, SC, GA and FL. Our schedule is not full, but praise the Lord for what He is doing in our lives. He is in control! For now, the Lord is still opening doors for more meetings and conferences next year in these states.


  • Softness of Attitudes

        Pray that our hearts would stay soft, to have a humble attitude, to stay close to God, and focus on Him not on men neither our circumstances.  Also for the churches that we have been in contact with and presented. We are excited to see on how the Lord will be working next year, we are also encouraged and at the same time comforted by His provision and protection. Praise the Lord for everything! To God be the Glory, great things He has done, that He is doing and what He will do as we focus our eyes and hearts upon Him.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, kindness and love, but most of all for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit of God whom dwells in you.

We are deeply grateful for your continued prayers, financial support and being behind our vision to further the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Brother Jean-Claude and Sister Matilde Guilbaud

Under His Wings Reaching the World for His Glory.

In Christ alone