VISION for Costa Rica –  pdf

Mutually Supportive Vision

It is our prayer and our vision  that  the three  ministry facets of  Mission Reaching Costa Rica for Christ in the Cantón of Santa Ana, San Jose establishing New Testament Baptist Churches, Christian  Schools, and a Baptist Bible College & Teological Seminary, will be mutually supportive.  For example, the Schools and Bible College will certainly be an excellent teaching tool; and the doctrine books will be used by the schools as well as distributed within the country of Costa Rica, not just in San Jose.  We believe that God will use these three ministries in a synergistic way to further the Gospel in Costa Rica.

It is our prayer as well that the Lord will send us the right people and to the right place to donate land and edifices for the cause of this Mission

Praise the Lord for what He will be doing!

1. Church Planting

God calls all Christians to participate in the Great Commission, to be laborers in the harvest for Him  (Matt 9:37-38, Luke 10:2, Matt 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:47-78, John 20:21, Act 1:8).   The Lord Jesus has commissioned us to bring the Gospel “To whom He was not spoken of ”, the millions of unreached people (Romans 15:21).  To work toward the realization of this, the vision that God has given to Mission to Costa Rica is to eventually acquire one (1) site, the headquarters  in the Canton of Santa Ana, and five (5) other sites/ districts throughout the Canton of Santa Ana whether that be taking over a pre-existing site or purchasing and constructing a new one.

2. Bible College & Teological Seminary/Training Institute 

It is also our goal to establish a Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary in the Canton/ District of Santa Ana; that will be the Headquarters serving as well all of San Jose and the rest of Costa Rica.

We believe that the ideal is to train indigenous pastors to pastor their own people. The country is ridden with idolatry, cults and false prophets.  In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul directs us “and the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”  Our goal is to find and train faithful men to love their people and guide them in the Christian life. (Acts 2:41-47).

We will use this site for Pastors’ school throughout the year and where we plan to hold special conferences, for from one to two weeks all day long for indigenous pastors from that specific geographical area. (Acts 16:5, 2:41-47, Romans 10:14-15).  There is a dire need for sound doctrinal training in Costa Rica; cults and false doctrine are sweeping the country.

As regards number one, is seeking God’s will regarding the specific curriculum that would honor the Lord and best prepare laborers for His harvest.

As regards number two, it is our plan to help prepare faithful, trained indigenous pastors to shepherd God’s flock.  Our key site will be in the Cantoin/District of Santa Ana with accountability to Mission Reaching Costa Rica for Christ.  We also plan to hold pastor training conferences for week long modules with courses covering subjects such as:

  1.  Cults and False Doctrines
  2. The Doctrines of Our Faith
  3. The Doctrines of the Holy Scriptures – Bibliology
  4. The Doctrine of God – Theology
  5. The Deity of Christ – Christology
  6. The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Pneumatology
  7. The Doctrines of Angels – Angelology
  8. The Doctrines of Satan – Satanology
  9. The Doctrines of Demons – Demonology
  10. The Doctrines of Sin – Harmatology
  11. The Doctrine of Man – Anthropology
  12. The Doctrines of Salvation – Soteriology
  13. The Doctrines of the Church – Ecclesiology
  14. The Doctrine of Future Things – Eschatology
  15. The Doctrines of Heaven and Hell
  16. Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testament
  17. Church Planting
  18. Church Administration
  19. Old and New Testament Survey
  20. Living the Christian Life

These courses will be taught at the Santa Ana  District site.

Also, we will labor to help these indigenous ministries to become self – sufficient.  The initial construction of these sites is well beyond the economic capabilities of local pastors and we will fund these projects by way of raising support. Although we know that there will be a need likely for ongoing support for schools and facilities, it is our desire that churches become self – sufficient within 2 to 4 years, barring extenuating circumstances.  We will support grants and micro-loans with the plan that these will be used to provide ongoing support for these ministries.  These might include projects such as farming, agriculture, construction, water wells, etc., consistent with the local resources, needs and cultures.

3. Christian Schools –

It is also our goal to establish Christian Schools in the five (5) districts of the Cantón Santa Ana; but the one in the District of Santa Ana will be the main school.

4. Pastors, Missionaries and Bible College Students Housing –

It is also our goal to furnish housing for Pastors, Missionaries and Bible Students within the site in the District of Santa Cruz.

See and click on  Pdf files for Conceptual Proposed Master plan above.