August 2021 – Prayer Letter

August 2021 – Prayer Letter

Dear Beloved Brethren and Co-Laborers,

As always, we cannot over state this, we thank and we will keep on thanking our Eternal God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for sending us on this glorious mission. It is truly a joy as we do His will even in difficult times.We pray that His Holy Spirit will keep on guiding us in the right path of righteousness and to be obedient and faithful until the end.  We understand that we are living in difficult times and we do immensely thank you for your support, prayers and we praise the Lord for your faithfulness.

As we keep on pressing on this glorious journey, the restrictions for the month of September has been changed for the better; we are able to go out from Tuesdays through Sundays from 5:00AM to 10:00PM except for Mondays.

As we press on, please pray and continue to pray for the following prayer request:


  1. Continue praying for our Bible Studies on Fridays and Preaching on Sundays virtually.
  2. Our health in order to work in His vineyard. As I mentioned previously, It is going to be a long process for my recuperation before I can resume (full blast) to my normal activities. With all these setbacks, I am asking the Lord to give me physical strength to keep doing His work according to His will because He is in control of my health and my life; what the Lord started, He will fulfill it and keep His promises as long we are faithful to Him to the end – Philippians 1: 6. Thank you for your prayers, it means a lot to us. Continue praying for my wife as well as for physical strength. I had my Colonoscopy exam done, everything went well except I have a severe case of Diverticulosis which has to be treated; I have to make an appointment to see the doctor as soon as possible. Praise the Lord that the COVID – 19 test was negative because if it was positive I couldn’t have the Colonoscopy done; I would have to wait and be quarantined.

3. Place for the ministry – We are still working in getting drawings and all the documents necessary from the Association (the owner of the space is making things very difficult and complicated) & the Federal College of Engineers and Architects. We had to use another architect because the previous one elected not to continue with the project and because of that, it sets us back in getting the approval from the Ministry of Health and the Corps of Firemen. Once that issue is settled, we can move forward submitting the application to the Ministry of Health, the Corps of Firemen for their approval.

4. Pray about the COVID – 19, it keeps on increasing and has surpassed 455,784 cases with 5,431 deaths.

6. Pray regarding the assembly of churches, the Ministry of Health has not given the full 100% to start because of the continuing increase of COVID – 19 cases.Some Churches have started to congregate, the allowable occupancy is still at 50% due to the COVID restrictions.

7. Driver’s license – Continue praying regarding this issue, please! I have requested for an original transcript of my records and my license to DMV in Virginia which in turn has to be notarized and sent to the Secretary of Commonwealth in order for them to Authenticate and Apostille these documents; now it is a waiting game until I get them back so I can submit these documents to COSEVI here in Costa Rica which is like DMV in the States.  I have the month of September to get all this resolved, praying that I will get my license here in Costa Rica so I can drive legally. I am not sure what I am going to do yet regarding this issue of the entry date to Costa Rica which does not coincide with the issuance date on my driver’s license; again, that doesn’t make any sense at all. I may have to get a lawyer involved to resolve all this mess but I pray that I would not have to.

At this point, I am trying to figure this out so I can drive legally here in CR. They are making things very complicated here even their own people, the Ticos, are saying the same thing.

Support Level        

Our support went up to 84%. We pray and trusting in the Lord that it will go up by the time we start the ministry.  

Safety with Travels

Protection on the road and the COVID – 19. We need to have eight eyes (a manner of speaking) to drive here due to all the motorcycles and bicycles that are on the road, it is very easy to have an accident if we are not careful.

Schedule of Meetings

It will be a blessing if we can have meetings via the internet, with the Lord nothing is impossible.

Softness of Attitude   

To stay close to God and focus on Him and the mission that is set before us, not on our circumstances because it very easy to get discourage at times.


  1. Praise the Lord that I am slowly recuperating with no major issues but my stomach has been inflamed for the past three weeks and I am trying to make an appointment to go and see a doctor, the hospitals are full but it could be worse. But The Lord is good!
  2. Praise the Lord that our support went up 2%.
  3. Praise the Lord for the Mission Conference we had Bible Baptist Church Caller Blancos, the church was able to take on two more missionaries in the country of Costa Rica apart from the other 12 (4 in Panama, 1 in France, 1 in Mexico, 1 in Venezuela, 1 in India and the rest in Costa Rica.
  4. Praise the Lord for the blessed time we had for Mother’s Day at Bible Baptist Church Calle Blancos; I got to preach, many mothers and grandmothers came forward to the altar, it was a great blessing.
  5. Praise the Lord for the ladies and the pastor’s fellowship, supporting and praying for us as well during this time. We have another group, just for men, of which I am also involved and it is called “Men of Valor”; we meet once a month at the end of the month on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Beloved Brethren, may the love of the Almighty God, the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you All. Amen!

Brother Jean-Claude & Sister Matilde Guilbaud

Under His Wings Reaching the World for His Glory! Reach the World, Reach for Christ.