January/February 2017 Prayer Letter

Carta de Oracion para Enero-Febrero 2017 – pdf 

January-February – 2017 Prayer Letter-pdf 

Dear Brethren,

Greetings and peace in the name of our eternal God, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As always, we thank our Lord Jesus Christ for taking us on this glorious journey, a journey of endless joy, speaking to our hearts, answering the call that He has given us and accepted the mission that is ahead of us to do His work according to His ways and will.

During these past two months, it has been very light, not too many meetings; we only had a mission conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Wilson, NC (Pastor Mike Renfrow) during the first week of January. Apart from that we had no other meetings, nor conferences due to the sole reason that my wife has been sick with a severe case of bronchitis and has developed COPD; with that being said, we couldn’t go anywhere. She is slowly recuperating and we are planning to get back on the road again, soon. There is not much that we can say in this prayer letter but to pray for us and especially for my wife so she would not have a relapsed; the doctor said it will take some time for her to fully recover. But praise the Lord even during this time, He knows what He is doing as always. As I mentioned in our previous prayer letter, God is in control and reminded me again of Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called, according to His purpose”.

We continue to praise the Lord, as always, for His protection (physical and spiritual) and provision ( He knows all our needs) as well as the wisdom that He gives us to do His work. We also praise the Lord that He gives us our health so we can serve Him with all our strength, to adore Him in spirit and in truth with all our hearts, and to glorify Him in everything that we do. The Lord is Good!

As we press on, please continue to pray for the following prayer request, my wife’s physical need with her varicose veins and blood circulation as we traveled.  I thank you for your prayers regarding the tendon on my left heel, it is healing slowly; but I am still having a hard time standing, especially on hard surfaces for a long period of time.  Am still using a special kind of shoes until I am fully healed.

  • Support Levels

        Continue to pray as we are on this deputation journey that the Lord will guide us to the right church and have favor along the way in order to obtain our support. As of now, we are about 30%, Praise the Lord! Trinity Baptist Church took us on for support. We are also waiting on Sweethaven Baptist church as they told us they are going to support us. We are still praying for the other churches that we presented to partner with us, with God nothing is impossible.  Our minds, our hearts and our spirits are in Costa Rica but our bodies are still here. Our Lord is a sovereign God.

  • Safety with Travels

Pray that our Lord, God would protect us on the road. Pray as we are planning to go to Costa Rica the latter of May 2017 according to the Lord’s will to pinpoint where the Lord wants us in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste to establish Guanacaste Baptist Church and Ministries.

  • Schedule of Meetings

Pray for more meetings for the coming year, trying to contact churches and pastors. So far the Lord has blessed us with a Mission Conference at Calvary Baptist Church in Smithfield, Virginia in April. Our schedule is not full, but praise the Lord for what He is doing, He is a sovereign God!

  • Softness of Attitudes

        Pray that our hearts would stay soft, to have a humble attitude, to stay close to God, and focus on Him. Also for the churches and pastors that we have been in contact with.

Praise the Lord for everything! To God be the Glory, great things He has done, that He is doing and what He will do as we focus our eyes and hearts upon Him.

Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers, kindness and love, but most of all for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit of God Whom dwells in you.

Under His Wings Reaching the World for His Glory.

In Christ alone

Brother Jean-Claude and Sister Matilde Guilbaud