MISSION For Costa Rica, pdf

Mission Statement of Mission to Costa Rica

The mission of Mission to Costa Rica is to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and Reaching Costa Rica for Christ in the Province of Guanacaste starting in the Cantón  of Santa Cruz.

Below is a conceptual plan of Guanacaste showing the 11 Cantóns with their population. See and click on Pdf files above.

We plan to accomplish this goal by:

  1. Planting Churches – They will consist of local churches in the Cantón of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.
  2. Christian Schools – They will consist of local Schools, a ministry of the local church in the Cantón of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.
  3. Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary –   It will consist of a Bible College to train local pastors in the Cantón of Santa Cruz, Guanacaste. This College will serve not only the Cantón of Santa Cruz but the whole Province of Guanacaste; Lord willing, all of Costa Rica! God is able, nothing is impossible for Him!

The Province of Guanacaste is divided into 11 Cantóns (See map above in the Pdf files). The Lord laid on our hearts the Cantón of Santa Cruz. In the Cantón of Santa Cruz, there are nine (9) Districts with a population of 60,495 people according to the latest statistics taken in 2013 which grew by 17,162 since 2009. The goal is to plant New Testament Baptist Churches and Christian schools in each of these districts. Lord willing, we will be excited to see other New Testament Baptist Churches in each of the other Cantóns.

These are the following Districts with their latest statistics:

  1. Santa Cruz –              24,540
  2. Bolsón –                        1,872
  3. Veintisiete de Abril –7,539
  4. Tempate –                     5,428
  5. Cartagena –                  4,191
  6. Cuajiniquil –                 2,111
  7. Diríá-                               4,301
  8. Cabo Velas –                 3,644
  9. Tamarindo –                 6,869

The 9 Districts of the Cantón of Santa Cruz. See and click on Pdf files above.